Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dreams Do Come True

I know it's been a while, but do you remember Big Dreamin? Or perhaps you remember this very disturbing post? While it would seem that I haven't spoken on this subject for a while, I have been very busy. Just last week, I spent eight hours with my favorite sewing teacher and mentor, Mrs. Nagy. It was just the two of us and we were on a mission. Let me just say this again, I just love that woman. I feel like she was hand-picked by the Lord, just for me, when I needed her most.

If you remember, I started a crib-size quilt that was going to be just for me. It was a practice quilt. The more I worked on it, however, the lovelier it became. I decided I wanted to give it to Rachel. I also decided I wanted to do something special for her since she's going to camp and will be away from home for the very first time. So, I made a special quilt pocket embroidered with her name. The pocket is meant for me to tuck inside love letters to Rachel. The quilt was suppose to be a surprise on the day she arrived at camp (you know, she opens her luggage and finds it stashed away), but circumstances forced me to give-up all the secrecy and present it to her a little early. Actually, I was relieved. It's hard keeping a secret around here! The pocket isn't quite finished, but it will be very soon. And I can't wait to tuck inside that pocket the very first quilt love letter.

One steamy afternoon we all went to Hobby Lobby to walk around and do some sight seeing. Out of the blue, Caleb tells me he knows what I can get him for his birthday. A quilt! Little did he know I had planned on making him a quilt since he's going to camp too. He will be away from home for the first time and will be gone for two full weeks. That's fourteen days. Please pray for me. His request made things a little easier on me. No more sneaking around and he picked out the fabric he wanted. Well, it just so happens Mrs. Nagy walked into Hobby Lobby while we were there looking around. Caleb was convinced we had planned it, but it was absolutely coincidental (divine meeting is what I like to call it). Mrs. Nagy helped us with some of the decision making and thought Caleb's selection was quite lovely. His quilt was much easier since it's not actually quilted like Rachel's. I finished it in five days!

Drum roll please... Michelle's very first quilts!

The circles were fun to stitch and we all love that satin border

Mrs. Nagy was kind enough to machine sew the satin border

My very first embroidered stitches...not bad, eh?

Sleeping Beauty slumbering with her quilt for the very first time

Caleb's quilt is cotton twill on the front and flannel on the back

I used black cotton yarn to create the quilting

I lazy-daisy stitched Caleb's name on the front of the quilt before basting it together

Prince Charming sleeping with his quilt for the very first time

Oh, did I ever love making something so special to present to both of my kids. I absolutely loved seeing them snuggling with their quilts early the next morning.

With the kids heading out for camp soon, I think the next person who will need a quilt, a big squishy comfy quilt, is Yours Truly. I am already looking forward to going back to Hobby Lobby and lingering in the fabric department.

Let me say this for the record: I love quilting

And just in case you're wondering, dreams do come true!


  1. They're beautiful! :)

  2. Alright, girlfriend, that is 2 for 0.

    Can you guess? Pies and Quilts!!

    Wonderful and full of love!!!