Thursday, July 1, 2010

Being Amused at the Expense of Others

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Bumper cars are just a little too tame for this girl

We recently went to an amusement park for some amusement. Everyone who knows me knows I just go along to watch since I can't ride rides. In my younger years, I loved to ride rides. Although I will confess the taller the roller coasters, the less I would ride them. I am terrified of heights, you know. I can't ride rides because I get a screaming headache. I have told my kids that it's because my brain has shrunk. When I'm jerked around on rides, my little brain rattles around inside my skull. Hence, the headache.

I don't mind really...going to an amusement park and just walking around, watching people. Plus I love to see my family having fun together. And it's really fun to hear Rachel scream. I can pick out her scream over all the noise in the entire park! She is our resident dare devil. Any ride. Any height. 100, 200, 300 and yes, even 400 feet high (although Mama won't let her ride on the biggest one because she's convinced she'll fall out). But it doesn't matter. The scarier for her, the better. And the scream, I think she does that just because it's fun.

I have to say, for as much fun as amusement parks can be, I was somewhat taken aback by some of the sights and sounds. I don't think it was always this way, was it? I don't know. Maybe when my kids were younger I wasn't paying as close attention. Or maybe things have gotten worse.

Maybe it's because I'm getting old. Yep, that's it. I'm old.

I just couldn't believe some of the clothes people were wearing. Or should I say, weren't wearing. Honestly. What on earth are some women thinking? And how on earth do they keep it all in when they are going upside down on a roller coaster? Or, in some cases, just strolling through the park. Yikes.

Then there was this gorgeous Asian woman. Long shiny black hair all the way down to her waist. She was the tiniest thing ever with very beautiful legs topped off with a pair of very short shorts. Her feet were adorned in 4 inch stilettos. I kid you not. At an amusement park. You know, where you walk around for ten hours? I wanted so badly to take a picture of her feet. But I figured I'd best not draw too much attention to myself. 4 inch stilettos at an amusement park? And I thought my brain had shrunk! She looked good though.

Oh, don't think there weren't tons of boys (er, young men) walking around with the waist of their pants held on with a belt...just under their rear end. Yes, that's right. Their belt was fastened not at the waist, but under their rear. Yes, of course, their underwear was showing. I think that must be the part of the "look" they like most because in most cases they had on fancy underwear. They have to walk with their shoes about five feet apart in order for their pants not to fall off. One guy kept his hand on his belt, with a constant tug. Can you even picture this? Although at this point, I think everyone has seen this "look" just about everywhere. I just have one question. Why?

And why do people who choose to use nasty language have to talk so loudly? Is there no shame? Now there's an old-fashioned word you don't hear too much these days. A little dose of shame goes a long way.

It really was a fun day though. Really. The sun was shining and the weather was perfect. We needed it...a fun-filled day. We were able to forget about life for a while. Sometimes it's a good thing to be amused. And we were certainly amused. At least I was. Even if it was at the expense of others.


  1. *Smiles* Sounds like it was a fun day. ;) I have to agree with you about stilettos...I hate shoes at all, but to wear those ALL DAY at an amusement park...yeah. :P

  2. Michelle - I am so glad you are enjoying this beautiful weather and can get out here and there!!
    Truly, we would expect to see this at amusement parks. (And Walmart!) What troubles me is when we visit other churches and I see professing believers following the trends of the world. Two booklets I like: "Your Clothes say if For You" by Elizabeth Rice Handford; and "Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America" by Jeff Pollard are both very good. It is hard. We are not to judge. Some believe the it is reaching others and is a means to an end. Golly, my own mother who was not a believer would be rolling in her grave to see what is out there. And I am shamed to remember what I called 'fashion; all those years ago.
    But Praise our Glorious Lord, who has redeemed us and gives us HIS spirit as a check in our souls when we travel too far into the world's ways. I guess it is a chance to pray for the salvation of those who are clueless (in more ways than one) and to reflect God's love when we can!