Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not Today

Did you see me do this today? Oh, yea. That would be me.

It's been one of those days.

One of those days.

I woke-up early this morning to find that horrible little message hovering over the left-hand corner of my blog. Do you see it up there? Nice, huh? Not exactly the kind of thing I was expecting with my cup of coffee. Along with thousands of other Cutest Little Blog on the Block users, we all received this same warning. I feel badly for the website. Photobucket, which hosts their blogger backgrounds, decided they were using too much of their bandwidth and pulled the "it ain't free no more" line on them. Instead of choosing to charge all of their users a fee, they are withdrawing from Photobucket (at least that's the impression I got) and are in the process of moving their items elsewhere. Until they can get everything up and running (and change all those HTML codes), my blog background will "poof" disappear. There's so much traffic on their site that it's impossible to access. Anyway, now I get to figure out how to find another one (which won't look anything like this one) or I may try and really scare myself and make my own. Just not today. Not today.

Then I decided, with much gnashing of teeth and white knuckles, to list a number of items on eBay. Nineteen auctions to be exact. If it weren't for needing to sell the past two years of homeschooling curriculum in order to buy this year's curriculum, the stuff would still be sitting on a bookshelf. I don't really care much for eBay. Why? Because I love how they decide what's best for me and my potential buyers. Like, for example, selling books and shipping them via media mail. I could not have a shipping cost that was more than $4. They informed me that most of their buyers won't pay more than that anyway. Well, just what exactly am I suppose to charge for two books being sold together that weigh 11 pounds? According to eBay, $4. Hopefully, all of my potential buyers will be in a big hurry and request Priority Mail. I know a week from now I'll be happy I'm done with it all, but not today. Not today.

But there is some good news...

Tomorrow's blog will be on my first official product review for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. It's pretty exciting for me. I hope you enjoy it!

In the midst of it all, there were some big rays of sunshine as the kids and I spent the afternoon with all of my sisters-in-love and their kids. It was another Wonderful Wednesday! I think we all needed a break and what better way than to send the kids off to play together while we gathered around the table, munching on goodies, and talking. And talking. And talking.

Too bad it had to end. It's so much more enjoyable sitting and talking and munching with the sisters-in-love. But I'm back to reality. I'm home. My desk is overflowing with papers (which is starting to drive Mr. Wonderful crazy).

I will not go to bed screaming.
I will not go to bed screaming.
I will not go to bed screaming.

At least not today!

There. I feel better.



  1. As you can see, I went ahead and decided to find a new background. At least until I can get new code for the other one I had from TCLBOTB. Unless, of course, everyone likes this one the same or better. Then I'd just go ahead and keep this one. It's cute, I think. Change is hard for me...I keep looking at this and thinking it's not my blog!

    No, I'm not screaming!

  2. Hm...I didn't notice anything with Cutest Blog on the Block...what is up?

  3. Hee hee! It's nice to know I wasn't alone in my fits of indignation and frustration. ;o] Hee hee...

  4. Well it all worked together for good so to speak, because I think your background is absolutely ADORABLE now.
    You ought to name the little bird to the right. She's darling and she deserves some recognition for her contribution to the page.
    Say hello to your family for me! :)