Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Birthday, A Boy, and A Boffer

Yesterday, July 6th, was Caleb's 14th birthday. I think the July 5th Man Day Event post was a little confusing. Understandable. And the fact that I posted a blog yesterday on birds made this birthday celebration even more confusing. Even more understandable. I just figured I'd use the blog scheduler (because I am so technologically advanced, you know) for the bird post since we'd be out celebrating and not blog writing. And so there you have it. Today is not Caleb's birthday. Yesterday was Caleb's birthday.

Here's how the day unfolded:

The traditional smiling pancake for breakfast

This is Grandma Meme's Lemon Cake batter

Side story: Caleb gave me his birthday list sometime last week. One of the items on it said, "lemon cake batter" which caused me to ask if what he really wanted was a lemon cake. With a huge smile on his face he said, "No, I want a whole bowl of lemon cake batter!" I explained to him that several spoonfuls would be plenty since there's only so much cake batter one can eat. Right?

Here's a side story to the side story: When I was a little girl my mother made decorated cakes. You know, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, baby shower cakes. We were never allowed near the cake batter bowl unless it had been emptied into the cake pan. My mother made sure every drop of cake batter was in the pan and not left in the bowl. Try to imagine little kids sticking their heads inside a bowl trying to lick cake batter off the sides that was pretty much scraped clean. Well, one day I opened the refrigerator and found a huge bowl of cake batter. I took a step back, looked around and saw there was no one near. I grabbed the biggest spoon I could find and proceeded to scoop that cake batter so I could finally, finally, have more than a measly lick. Imagine my surprise when that big spoonful of batter filled my mouth and tasted absolutely horrible. Oh was it ever gross! It wasn't cake batter. No, it was pancake batter. Nice, huh? That's what I got for being sneaky! Sometimes as parents we make decisions for our kids based upon what our parents did or didn't do to us. Unlike my mother (although I'm sure her cake customers were very happy she didn't share their cake with us kids), my kids always have cake batter dripping off the beaters, a spatula that's very lickable, and a bowl they'll never have to stick their heads in.

OK...back to the birthday story

Caleb had several spoonfuls of lemon cake batter that I left for him in the bowl along with dripping beaters. He quickly realized he had had enough.

This is the birthday boy on the patio in front of the fabulous hydrangeas

Uh, no. He didn't get a new watch for his birthday. His birthday list actually stated "new battery for my watch." He has been without his watch for well over a year. Poor guy. So, that's why the big smile..."Hey! I've got my watch back!"

He also asked for this specific video game. Unfortunately, just after he made his birthday list, his PS3 died. As in, it won't turn on or do anything whatsoever. Mr. Wonderful and I went round and round about buying a game for our son when he didn't even have a system to play it on. Mr. Wonderful won the battle (with Rachel's support). While Caleb was happy to have gotten this game (which I might add is used and quite old), he was a little bit bummed out not to be able to play it. Not my problem, now is it?

Hmmmm. What on earth is that thing wrapped around Caleb's shoulders? Why, could it possibly be a quilt? As in, a homemade hand-stitched quilt? Yep! That's tomorrow's blog entry, Lord willing.

Here you have the birthday boy with his boffer weapon supplies!

Yes, that would be four rolls of duct tape along with several rolls of electrician's tape in a variety of colors. He couldn't wait to get started!

A few hours later, we have two boys and their brand new boffers. Caleb actually made them for Evan. As soon as he handed one to his almost four-year-old cousin, he quickly realized they were bigger than Evan and weighed almost as much! Caleb's already working on two new boffers for Evan. They are munchkin-sized!

We spent the afternoon with my sister-in-love and the kids at the pool. Doesn't it look like there are brightly colored ribbons in Rachel's hair? Too cute. It's just pool toys in the back ground.

I can't believe how much he's changed in one year. Do you see that little spot in the middle of his nose? That, my friends, is from a pool rescue. Caleb decided he wanted to be rescued on his birthday, so his loving sister swam to his side. While attempting this fake rescue, Rachel accidentally bonked Caleb's nose into the side of the pool. Ouch. All is well, and I mention it here so we'll always remember.

Grandma Meme's lemon cake (which Caleb has had on his birthday since he turned four) with five candles. You know, 1 and 4 makes 14!

Happy Birthday, Caleb! Your mama loves you very much. And she'll make lemon cake batter for you anytime. About that Bowflex you asked for. Sorry, sweetie. It was a nice birthday wish though.

If you read this blog and you are the maker of Bowflex and would like to make a generous contribution to our son, he'd be happy to help test your fabulous system!

Don't forget...tomorrow's post will be on those quilts I made. Yes, QUILTS!

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  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful day! Your hydrangea is breathtaking!!