Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Big Dreamin'

Today was yet again another wonderful Wednesday with Mrs. Nagy. Are you sitting down? We are in the midst of cross stitching and embroidering, but today Mrs. Nagy had something else in mind. Something new. We are, however, responsible for continuing our other projects at home.

First of all, she presented to us a quilt she was given last week by her son-in-love (that's what she calls him!). This is an unfinished quilt that, in his hands, represents six generations. She pulled out a little piece of paper which documented who was who and how it was this quilt came to be. It's almost 100 years old! It is absolutely stunning...truly. While looking at it, Rachel and I realize that every single stitch was put in place by some one's two hands. No sewing machine ever touched this fabric. I don't know anything about quilts or quilt patterns, but this one looked like a huge honeycomb. It had hundreds and hundreds of little hexagons that made a pattern of 121 flowers. Every flower was made with a different fabric! The quilt was lovingly given to Mrs. Nagy to finish. It needs batting and a back and, of course, quilted.

Can I just say that almost every Wednesday when we walk into her house, we find her seated at a huge quilting rack working diligently on her daughter's king-sized quilt made-up of beautifully colored triangles. Honestly, what a labor of love. I am amazed. It is stunning.

So, can you guess what Mrs. Nagy had in mind today? Yes, she was going to teach Rachel how to quilt. She had already prepared Mary Engelbreit fabric and muslin backing for two pot holders. She taught Rachel how to cut the fabric using a rotary cutter and she learned how to baste in order to keep all the layers together. She learned the quilting stitch last week (Mrs. Nagy asked her to sit at the king-sized quilt and help her!), so she's ready to start quilting in no time.

Let's pause here for a moment. If you are someone who knows how to sew, I realize you might be laughing right about now. But I'm here to tell you that I can hardly sew on a button. Just ask Mr. Wonderful. I had never before today looked upon a rotary cutter...I mean, are you kidding me? Anyway, if this post is just a little boring because someone taught you how to sew, then use this time to go and thank God for her. Really. I never learned. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that Mrs. Nagy is teaching my daughter.

So here I am, standing in the background watching. I can feel my little heart longing to learn how to do this. But remember, it's all I can do to cross stitch (you know, make little x's in a row). How on earth can I quilt. After a little while I muster-up the courage to ask very timidly, "Mrs. Nagy, do you think I could learn how to quilt? You know, I can't even spell the word sew." Mrs. Nagy is so gracious to me. She says, "You spell sew, s o. You'll do just fine!"

In a matter of minutes, I had fabric, batting, muslin, a basting needle, quilting thread, a thimble, a finger cot (for pulling the needle), and a stitching-hoop. My project is a little bigger (but actually simpler) than Rachel's. The fabric is probably 18x24 inches and actually has a pattern that looks like a mini quilt. Before we left today, I had basted together all three layers and started quilting. I tell you the truth!

Can I just say how excited I am? I'm driving home and having a silent conversation in my head as I envision wonderful things made with my own two hands. This is big dreamin' folks. Big Dreamin'. "I could make each of my kids a quilt!" "I could make my own grand baby a quilt!" Oh the thought of quilting! Reality slowly starts to enter my mind and I take a big deep breath. "Let's not get too excited, Michelle. One thing at a time."

Mrs. Nagy, I adore you. You bring such joy into my life. I love that my daughter is learning such a wonderful craft while sitting by your side. And all the other wonderful life lessons we are beneficiaries of as we stitch and talk together. You are truly God's gift to us. Thank you for your gift of time.

Me, quilting?
Yesterday, no way.

Maybe, just maybe!


  1. How exciting!!! Quilting looks like fun! I'm glad it seems you are off to a good start with it! :) :)

  2. It is fun! I am working on a two mini quilts right now. Try it sometime!