Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. So, here's five thousand words!

And no, I didn't cry.

Rachel has been asking to do this for a very long time

About 10 inches cut off...she had 6 inches cut off 3 months ago

The excitement is beginning to grow

Oooh, what a little bit of stylin' will do

One very happy girl

I've had a slight problem with her wanting to get her hair cut off so short. See, I live through her hair. I own her hair. I love her hair. I wish I had her hair. And I really didn't want MY hair cut off. She can't really be serious about getting her hair cut off, right? Wrong! She was serious and she has asked me many times over the past year. We compromised a couple of months ago and she had six inches cut off. Almost three inches had already grown back! I think that helped me warm-up to today's decision.

I think it looks adorable.

She absolutely loves it.

I love it that she loves it.


  1. I LOVE it! Very flattering! Although, I must say, it makes her look older. Not sure if that's a good thing or not! I'm not ready to let our Rachel grow up! lol

  2. It looks really cute!! I understand you - I used to have really long hair, and it took years for me to get used to the idea of cutting it (which is what it needed, since it's kind of thin). :P Again, Rachel looks really cute! :)

  3. Long hair, short hair, medium hair - your girlie will always be beautiful because of what is inside that comes out in her actions, smile, attitudes (BTW that is why momma is beautiful too :D
    Tell Rachel it is cute - and the guys will be surprised!! We leave in 12 dasy :D :D :D

  4. Um, the guys I meant were mine :D and I meant days :D Didn't mean that all the other guys will be surprised, tho' they might - just mine :D

  5. I made sure Rachel read all of your comments and she was smiling from ear to ear! Thank you!

    Teri, I knew exactly what you meant about the guys being surprised, but am glad you clarified for others who might be thinking "guys?" I actually wondered late last night how Chris might feel in particular...he was responsible for her last up-do! We're counting down the days with you and pray for their safe return home. XX OO