Thursday, April 1, 2010

April First Day

Master Caleb

Miss Rachel

Guess what today is? I mean, besides April Fool's Day.

I've been blogging for a month! So I'm taking today off. I'm posting one of my favorite pictures of the kids, then heading outside to enjoy this gorgeous day.

I told the kids if they wanted to double-up on homework they could be done with school...are you ready for this...until next Tuesday! So guess what that means? I don't have any school until next Tuesday too! Love that.
P.S. They tried to get me by putting a big plastic spider on the griddle which is stored on top of the refrigerator. I had a funny feeling something would be there waiting to scare me. They kept telling me how much they wanted pancakes for breakfast. They need to learn to keep it quiet if they're going to fool this Mama!

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  1. Yeah, it's hard to fool moms. :) Happy April First and enjoy your break!