Thursday, April 8, 2010

Lucky Kitty

Miss Rachel with two little friends

Exactly two weeks old

Lucky Kitty with her four little babies

My little nephew recently named this mama kitty Lucky. Here's her story...

Three weeks ago today, my sister-in-love (thank you Mrs. Nagy!) called to tell me about a little kitty that had recently started hanging out at their back door. About two weeks prior, she found her all huddled up, practically starved. This was when there was still snow on the ground and it was very cold outside. My SIL did what anyone with a heart would do...she fed the little kitty. They quickly discovered this kitty was so friendly and just loved to be loved. She purred and purred when the boys would go outside and sit with her. Kitty was quickly moved into the garage in the evenings. It wasn't long before she realized everyone loved this little kitty. So she thought she'd better take her to the vet to make sure she didn't have any little kitty problems.

She received quite a shock to find out the little kitty was very pregnant and due any day. Sure enough, three days later, the kitty gave birth to four beautiful babies...three boys and one girl. And so she was named Lucky because, after all, she was very lucky to have found such a warm and loving home just in the nick of time.

I grew-up in the country. Our house was way back off the road which made the dumping of unwanted animals very easy. I cannot begin to tell you how many stray dogs and cats we adopted over the years. Witnessing the birth of kittens and puppies happened fairly often. I even remember one cat that decided to have her litter of kittens right in the middle of the living room of my doll house!

My kids have never held a newborn least not until these little ones came along. My SIL called me the morning the kittens were born so we were able to go and see them. I've never seen such a proud mama kitty...when we walked up to where she was all nestled with her new babies, she turned over on her back and just purred as if to say, "Look at what I did!" It was wonderful!

No, we are not getting a kitten. While Mr. Wonderful has informed me that our home is not a dictatorship, he has also made it very clear to me that he absolutely positively without a doubt has no interest whatsoever in a cat! And so, there you have it.

Just to clarify, here are all the reasons why it's good not to have a cat:
  • Mr. Wonderful doesn't want one
  • No cat hair to clean-up
  • No cat litter box to clean out
  • No vet visits for spaying/neutering/de-clawing/de-worming/vaccinating
  • No cat dander to torture allergic family and friends
  • Jesse puppy would eat a cat for lunch

And here are a few reasons why it would be great to have a cat:

  • A cat is a friend
  • A cat is soft and cuddly
  • A cat purrs
  • A cat licks your ears and nose
  • A cat is fun
  • A cat lowers high blood pressure
  • A cat makes everyone smile
  • A cat would make both of my children very happy
  • A cat keeps your lap warm when you're cold
  • A cat eats mice and chipmunks and maybe even a flying squirrel or two
  • A cat could scare away the brainless woodpecker that is still pecking on the chimney every morning...every single morning
  • A cat could teach Jesse puppy that it's not nice to eat other animals
  • A cat could make Mr. Wonderful realize just how wonderful cats really are
Oh well. Sniff. Sniff. Gotta go...I need some Kleenex.


  1. Hehehehe. :) Cats make me sneeze too, but I love our Kitty!!

  2. It's just too bad I don't have a father who likes animals! :(

  3. But he loves you dearly, my dear, so we'll just have to overlook his animal-loving shortcomings. (He didn't grow-up around animals, you know). We might be able to change him mind someday. Be patient...