Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy, Happy Day!

The traditional smiling pancake for breakfast

Rachel turned 12 on April 28th. Instead of spending our afternoon at Mrs. Nagy’s house, Mrs. Nagy and I surprised Rachel and took her down to Amish Country for lunch and then shopping. Mrs. Nagy presented Rachel with her very first sewing box filled with little treasures. I’ve been to Amish Country many, many times, but I can assure you that until this time, I’ve never, ever noticed sewing or quilting stores. It was wonderful! Our eyes were truly opened to the beauty of quilting. I can only hope that someday we can move from practicing quilting stitches to creating an actual quilt, little quilting squares and all.

Early in the evening, we surprised Rachel again by having most of her cousins and extended family join us for a birthday celebration at a local pizza restaurant. As we pulled into the parking lot, she spotted a few familiar faces in the windows and the gig was up. I don't think she stopped smiling until she put her head on her pillow.

Happy Birthday!

Just when she thought there was no more surprising to be had, we had her birthday present waiting for her when she arrived back home. She might be 12, but this girl loves to play, especially with Playmobil. I've often teased her that she could have an entire room devoted just to Playmobil! She had asked for an additional floor to her hospital along with several accessories. Oh, what fun to watch her put everything together and then set it all up. These are toys we plan on holding onto for the grandchildren...someday!

One very happy girl with her Playmobil hospital

Do you remember that lovely little patchwork quilt I made a couple of weeks ago? I had the joy and pleasure of presenting Rachel with it as a special birthday gift from me to her. It just so happens that this very quilt was the perfect size for her American Girl doll bed! Who knew? I think she enjoyed receiving the quilt almost as much as I did in giving it to her.

What a truly wonderful day! Happy, happy day to our dear Rachel.

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  1. How fun!! It looks like Rachel had a wonderful birthday! :)