Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sew Amazing!

Notice the basting... Notice the quilted heart and square...
Notice the crooked pins... Mrs. Nagy told me that's a no-no

Finished! You have to look closely to see the quilted squares and hearts

Notice the bottom edge and the tiny little blind hem stitch

Michelle's Magnum Opus

Do you remember Big Dreamin'? I posted it only a week ago. Mrs. Nagy started to teach me how to hand quilt. And I've been a busy girl. During our get together yesterday, she taught me how to finish the edges and create mitered corners. I must say, it's a beautiful thing...quilting.

Drum roll please...

I finished my little hand quilting
project this afternoon!

Can I say that I am so proud of myself? You know, me, the one who can't spell sew and can hardly sew a button on a shirt! I made a mini-quilt. I stitched every single stitch with my own two hands.

I believe this is big enough news that perhaps this very night you'll see me featured on the Evening News. The news feed will say something like, "Sew Amazing--It's a Miracle!"

Me sew?
Me sew and stick with it?
Me sew and like it?
Me sew and love it?
Me sew and finish a project?
Me sew and finish a project in seven days?

I have learned, finally, that there's something to be said about creating a thing of beauty with my own two hands. Something that will last. Something I can pass down to my children. My Big Dreamin' is a little closer to reality.

I absolutely love quilting!

Can't wait to start the next one...something a little bigger perhaps. Perhaps!

Your humble blogger,


  1. TA-DA!! Congrats!!!


  2. First, pie. Now sewing. You go, girl! What is next? Hugs :D

  3. Yay!!!!!! :D :D :D It's beautiful!

  4. I second what Teri are unstoppable!

  5. What a lovely work of art! You will be able to sew anything in no time at all. Keep it up, Mama! :-) xoxox