Monday, March 1, 2010

That Day

I've had a lingering thought for quite some time to start a blog ... at this moment I imagine it to be filled with stories about my family and the wonderful everyday adventures we share together. I wasn't one of those little girls that dreamed of having a beautiful wedding, marrying Mr. Wonderful, or being a mother to two beautiful children. And yet that's exactly what happened to me. Those blessings came to me a little later in life than most. I think that time of being alone, to ponder life and its many mysteries, served its purpose well. Over the years I have developed a love for cooking and gardening so I can imagine a sprinkling of favorite recipes and a wheelbarrow-full of gardening joys (and sorrows). It is my hope that each time I share a little bit of something, it will help create a memory and something of interest to those who stop by for a visit.

My daughter asked me how I came up with the name "Welcomed Home." Well, honestly, as I started creating this blog and was asked for a name, I picked up one of my favorite books, Pilgrim's Progess by John Bunyan (this one happens to be a children's version by Mack Thomas), and settled on the title of the last chapter. It paints a beautiful picture for all Pilgrims who long for That Day when we are Welcomed Home.

Welcome Friends!

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  1. I decided to come back to the beginning and rediscover...and also discover the blessing I missed in the first reading. Glad I did! And BTW, I think you're "out-doing" yourself!!
    --- "A Wonderful Book 'in progress'"!