Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Business

We homeschool. We don't take snow days. We don't have teacher in-service days. We don't take a spring break. We study Martin Luther King on MLK Day. And President's Day, well, I can't say we do anything special except have school. Yes, I am one of those teachers. We do have a nine year tradition of taking a "Sun Day" though. The first gorgeous sunny spring day we take school off and do something fun outside. Did I mention we are always done with school on the Friday before Memorial Day? Trust me, it's worth it.

Today I let the kids take a recess outside. See how nice I am? We've had eight days of sunshine in a row (that probably hasn't happened here since last August). Remember the two feet of snow? Most of the yard is now clear although the huge piles accumulated on the edge of the driveway will take a while to completely disappear. This disappearing, however, caused an appearing. A really awful appearing. We knew it would happen. And we knew what would need to be done when the appearing appeared.

I think we've had snow on the ground, deep snow, since Christmas. That was 2 1/2 months ago. We have a dog. A big dog. Big dogs do big business. 10 weeks x 7 days = 70. That's at least 70 days of big business, if you know what I mean! So today's recess involved two kids and two 5 gallon buckets. They took turns being finders and scoopers. They informed me they divided the yard into four sections. Each one tackled two sections, although Rachel informed me her sections contained more business than Caleb's. Not surprising. So how many business transactions were found in each section? I'll let you do the math!

By the way, that's Jesse in the pretty pink bandana. She'll be 9 in July. We love you, Jesse. Big business and all!

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