Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Braking News!

We just had lunch together and this was part of a conversation going on as we talked about Charles Dickens' Great Expectations.

Specifically, Rachel was talking about Pip...how his parents were dead, how he went to live with his sister and her husband, two people who were very poor, and that he only owned one set of clothes (tragic!). That is, until he went to live with Miss Havisham.

And so we pick-up the conversation here...

"So when Pip went to live with the old lady, he thought he was all Hooty-tooty."

Me, laughing hysterically
"Hooty-tooty?! Did you just say Hooty-tooty?! Do you mean Hoity-toity?! It's Hoity-toity!"

I don't know, maybe you just had to be there. We all just laughed and laughed. I even told her this was a newsworthy "blog" moment. "Great, just great!" she said.

Now about a minute later Caleb screams, "Chicken!" which you need to understand takes on a whole new meaning at our house. Now we're all laughing hysterically.

Some time ago, I had meat from the freezer thawing on the counter top. Rachel went up and took a look at it and, filled with excitement, let out a little scream, "Chicken!" That wouldn't have been a big deal except the thawing meat was actually pork chops, which everyone knows looks nothing like chicken.

And so at our house we call these little slips Rachel's Euphemisms. They are so adorable and wonderful and memorable. Thank you, Sweetie, for bringing us so much joy and allowing us to laugh together.

And listen, yes, I know how to spell Breaking news. But I didn't want it to say Breaking news. I am not, after all, CNN or Fox News. I wanted it to say braking news on purpose! So there.


  1. Haha, that whole post is hilarious! :D I'm in the middle of Great Expectations; I haven't actually read any of it for a while, though. :P My bad. :)

  2. And your title is a Michelle-ism!!

    As I used to say in Montreal, Arrest - but it was correctly, Arret. I just kept putting the 's' in there. Rachel is a dear and we always enjoy being with her (and Caleb, too) -

  3. Egg-cellent post!