Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Perfect Question

I have kept a journal of sorts (scraps of paper and post-it-notes are better descriptions) of little things my children have said or done since they were very little. I love looking back and reading about things I would have otherwise completely forgotten about. On occasion, I pull out these scraps of paper and read them out loud to the kids, who are now almost 12 and 14. They get the biggest kick out of hearing stories about themselves.

Since I've got such a busy day on tap today, I thought I'd just share one of those cute little stories.

August 8, 1999 ... Journal Entry for Caleb (just three years old at the time)

We had just gotten home from church and were relaxing on the sofa after eating too much for lunch. It is very hot outside.

Here's how our conversation went:

"Mama, do you want to go outside and swing with me?"
"Are you asking me if I want to go outside and swing with you?"
"Yes, Mama!"
"No, Caleb, I don't want to go outside and swing."
"What, Caleb?"
"Can you ask me if I would like to go outside and swing with you?"
"Caleb, do you want to go outside and swing with me?"
Needless to say, you and I went outside to swing. You came up with that question like you had been planning it for days; it came out so perfectly timed. Who can say no to you!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Of course you know what I think of this! =D

    How proud am I allowed to be? pb

  2. Reminds me of Alex - "outsideswing" was all one word, one of his first words, all the time. It was the summer of 1988 and I was pregnant with Chris - and it was the hottest on record at that time (more days over 90 in a row) and the swing was across the street in our friend's backyard. Our house was on a hill - and traintracks ran behind our neighbors. So down the steps and down the backyard we went. He would swing and watch trains all day if I would let him :) Thanks for the reminder - I needed the smile :D