Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Last Friday, Rachel made two pumpkin pies, from start to finish, all by herself!

Look at that crimping on the pie!

Hot out of the oven...the aroma, heavenly!

First slice of this season's first pumpkin pie...oh, yum!

I will just say, for the record, that I moved the liquid pies from the counter to the oven as it can be very tricky. Everything else was done without any supervision. Why, I wasn't even in the room!

You might find it a little amusing that it's only been a year since we learned how to make a pie crust. And it's only been a year since Rachel actually submitted to a bite of pumpkin pie. Oh, how her world changed after that one little bite!

Needless to say, having slightly warmed pumpkin pie topped with cold whipped cream on a chilly Friday night in October was an incredible treat. And here, I always thought pumpkin pies were just for Thanksgiving.

Everything's a little nicer when there's pumpkin pie nearby...and a sweet little girl snuggled in next to you enjoying the work of her hands.


  1. I don' know if YOU know, but PUMPKIN PIE is my very, very favorite pie in the WORLD! Rachael's looks just like my Mom's. I Always remember at Thanksgiving and Christmas Mom would bake the pies the night before and her and I would ALWAYS have a warm piece of her famous pie before everyone else. No whipped creme, we didn't need it. Thanks for the memories. Only thing that could be better is someday sharing a piece with you and Rachel. Something to look forward to some day :)
    I love you. ((((Hugs))))

  2. Aunt Elle, I have a very fond memory of the first Thanksgiving after our mother left. Grandma came over and made Thanksgiving dinner at our house...we hosted it that year. I remember watching her roll out the pie crust for pumpkin pie and I can still see her mixing together the stuffing. Memories are amazing, aren't they. I am thankful! I love you too and would always love to share a piece of pie and a cup of coffee with you.

    Amanda, you know we'd love to have you and your lovely sisters over for pie! Yes, you can bring your Mr. Wonderful along too :o)

    Much love all,