Thursday, October 7, 2010

All Saints Day 2009

Rachel singing I Sing a Song of the Saints of God, November 1, 2009

I received an incredibly wonderful gift today and just had to share it.

Thank you, Bruce! And Ruth (playing the piano), thank you for the amazing opportunity you presented to Rachel almost one year ago. I am still in awe when I think how every single detail was filtered through His hands of love.

A little background...

Rachel was asked to sing for All Saints Day last November 1st. We were unable to record it and really only had our memories of this very special day. That is, until today. As you can imagine, tears flowed upon seeing and hearing our little girl's voice sing this song once again.

Please know that Rachel had never sung in public before. Rachel was 11 at the time.

Every single obstacle that stood in her way, the Lord removed.

This is a God Story and one we will treasure in our hearts all the days of our lives.

Praying this brings joy into the hearts of many,


  1. That was lovely! I had never heard that song before-- thank you for posting it! :-)

  2. Thank you for stopping by and listening, Bethany and Melanie! I'm so glad you enjoyed Rachel's song. The words are beautiful, aren't they?

    Have a blessed weekend,

  3. What a precious voice she has; and what a beautiful song! The message is powerful and her voice is so clear and sweet and innocent. Thank you so much for posting!!

    Love you!

    ps- this time of year, do you turn into PSL instead of CSL?? ;)

  4. Hello Sweet Dani!

    Thank you for your kindness, my friend. I trust this finds you doing well. I think I would like to be where you are today :o)

    I have to tell you that I had to read the PSL and CSL a couple time before I made the connection to last week's recipe. LOL I've never made pumpkin souffle, but I'm sure it would be fabulous. I will probably post my pumpkin bread recipe later this week. Rachel loves to make this recipe and enjoys sharing it. Maybe that will make her the PBL. Sounds great to me!

    I must tell you that I recently bought a second-hand book. I opened to the introduction and this is what it says:

    ...You are in my thoughts on this dark, winter afternoon. The sea, on which I look out through the window near my typewriter, is battleship gray, running in long swells before a northeast wind. Three little coots ride the swells, vanishing altogether beneath the surface, from time to time, only to pop up again, like corks. The waves churn and foam and slap against the great rocks below the bluff, praising God. "Let them praise the name of the Lord! For he commanded and they were created. And he established them for ever and ever; he fixed their bounds which cannot be passed. Praise the Lord ... you sea monsters and all the deeps."

    Yes, from your dear Elisabeth. I knew exactly what window she was speaking of! The book is entitled "The Mark of a Man." I have been reading it and think it's a classic book on manhood. It should be required reading for all young men. My Caleb will be reading it next. Who knew a book Miss Elisabeth wrote almost 30 years ago would be placed into the hands of my son. Amazing!

    Sorry for my long entry, Dani. Please give our kindest regards to your dear friend.

    Much love,