Thursday, October 21, 2010

Perfect Preparation

Corrie Ten Boom (1892-1983)

I have a number of ornate frames in my guest powder room. Each frame contains words that have deep meaning to me. Some frames contain Bible verses, some contain lines from favorite books, some contain words of favorite hymns, and some contain words spoken by people from different times and walks of life.

These words are contained in the first frame I hung in my powder room.

"Every experience God gives us,
every person He puts in our lives,
is the perfect preparation for the future
that only He can see."
Corrie Ten Boom

I thank my God every time I remember you,


  1. I love this quote.I too have this in a frame, it's on shelf in our living room. I first ran across it years ago on the wall of our chiropractors office.

  2. The powerful message of Jesus Christ through the life of Corrie Ten Boom still reaches hearts across the world even today. In Corrie's words, "Jesus is Victor!"

  3. Michelle,

    Great quote! I also like the fact that you have a collection of these quotes with photographs in frames in your powder room. I wish I could see what that looks like.


    -Lady Rose

  4. Lady Rose,

    I will see what I can do about that...maybe a future post with pictures of the frames and their quotes!

    Just so you know, none of the quotes have photos along with them, although I'm sure that would be a beautiful added touch. With the exception of the Corrie Ten Boom quote (which was my first purchase ever on eBay many years ago), and a stone-like carving I received as a gift, I assembled them all myself. An inexpensive, fun project for anyone with a simple printer. More on that later though.