Monday, August 2, 2010

Shock and Old, Not Shock and Awe

That, my friends, is the look of pure shock!

A number of years ago, Mr. Wonderful and I had a very short talk about allowing video games in our home. We usually agree on just about everything and that was the case with this as well. Video games are a distraction and completely unnecessary.

We decided, however, that the computer could be used by the kids for educational games like Jump Start, Spy Fox, Reading Blaster, Quarter Mile Math and Mavis Beacon. Over time, a few fun games were added that had no educational value whatsoever. The kids were self-monitored and we didn't find them abusing their time limits.

So a couple of years later, Mr. Wonderful and I had another talk about allowing video games into our home. This time our discussion was a little longer, but we both agreed they were disciplined enough to follow our house rules. Later on, the only established rule, besides a one-hour per day limit, was "We reserve the right to sell the video gaming system should you decide to abuse your privileges."

For his 10th birthday, Caleb had asked for the PC version of a Star Wars Lego's game. We went shopping and secretly bought him a PS2 along with the Star Wars Lego's game.

Of course, we saved the opening of the PS2 for last which is what you see in the photo. However, being so ornery, I decided to "get him." Keep in mind, he knew he would never ever get a video system...not ever.

The first gift he opened was the Star Wars Lego's game. He immediately sees PS2 up in the corner of the game package and kindly tells me it's the wrong version since he needs it for the PC, not a PS2. I apologized profusely and told him we can make sure it's exchanged quickly. Poor kid. He finally got the game he had wanted for so long and here his mother went and bought the wrong version! He was very gracious and accepted my apology.

As Caleb moves along to the next package and unwraps what appears to be a PS2, he says something like, "Really? No! It can't be!" He was absolutely convinced the box was a fake and there was something else inside. It was a classic "gotcha" moment!

At this moment in time, we are not convinced our kids need cell phones with texting nor accounts with social networking sites. I know, what horrible, old-fashioned parents we must be. I suppose in time our opinion on these things will change. For now, I'm good with land-line telephone calls without caller-ID and play dates with person.

Getting older by the minute in more ways than one,


  1. Uh-huh, gotta keep up with stuff! Guess I'm more like my Dad. He had the first phone in the neighborhood and the first TV also. If he were alive today, he would be texting. I just know it! I love my IPAD and can't wait to get a new Apple computer around November. Love ya-all --- Elbel

  2. That's cool. :) There is no problem with holding off on cell phones or social networking...probably the length that I had to wait for mine makes me enjoy them a lot more. I LOVE the looks on their faces!!

  3. Ha ha ha!!! I LOVE it!!!!!
    We created a similar "gotcha" moment last year with the Wii. ;-) Hee hee! Good times, good times...