Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Super Heroes

A number of years ago my Auntie Lou gave me a huge homemade chest filled with yards and yards of old polyester and cotton fabrics in just about every color you could imagine. Over the years the kids have created more costumes than I can even remember. Here's a tribute to my Super Heroes!

They're looking pretty serious here...

There's that famous smile!

Off to rescue someone in trouble!

Rachel saves the day...

The girl's fashion sense is remarkable. Even the earrings match!

Save yourself a lot of money buying the latest fad toys that will be broken or forgotten in a week. Go buy some cheap fabric on clearance in an array of different colors (or find yourself an auntie that's got a box stuffed just for you!). Place the fabric in a cool box along with a pair of kid-friendly scissors.

Ta da!

Guaranteed hours and hours of play time. A lifetime of memories.

1 comment:

  1. Fun! :-D
    And I totally agree about kids creating their own fun as opposed to being given every new fad that comes around. We girls had so much fun writing our own stories and acting out different books and movies and creating our own fun in one way or another... I remember those more than any faddish toy or trinket I ever got (besides my Kirsten doll and three particularly special stuffed animals :-D )
    Enjoyed the post! :-D