Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gone Fishin'

I thought that sounded better than Gone Firin'

The weather finally cooled off enough that we made a fire on the patio. Mr. Wonderful made it so our toes were kept quite toasty. Actually, Caleb thought he might have melted the bottom of his flip flops! It was too dark, so I couldn't tell. I'm sure they'll be all right. I came in because I was actually getting a little chilly. Such is life as a woman. One minute too hot, the next minute too cold.

It's nights like this that makes me so happy our kids love hangin' with us. We all sat back there around the fire together for several hours, just talking, reminiscing, hearing camp stories. Rachel asked us if she had a lisp. What? "One of the girls at camp told me I had a lisp. Then she asked another girl if she thought I had a lisp and she said yea." No, Rachel, you do not have a lisp. That's just how girls are sometimes. Mean. I am so thankful that was their worst.

The windows are open. Should make for a great night of sleeping.

Night night, all.

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  1. Maybe it was Rachel's accent they were confusing with a lisp. You know, that strong Ohioan accent we have? I wasn't aware we had one until we moved out west. Compared to those New Englanda's maybe WE sound a little funny.