Monday, August 23, 2010

Moose Munch Madness

The kids are home from camp! I won't bombard everyone with daily camp stories, but I do intend on sprinkling them throughout my blog posts in the coming weeks. I probably have enough to keep me writing for a year!

While I'm waiting to get all of the pictures uploaded from both kids' cameras, I thought I'd share a funny story Caleb shared with us while he was unpacking.

See that container? I pulled that out of my cupboard and gave it to Caleb to store the digital camera he was taking to camp. I figured it was the only way I could be sure the camera stayed dry if everything else got soaked by rain or a flip of a canoe.

This is one of several containers I have used to store coffee in for a number of years. This one in particular had the least amount of coffee in it, that's why it was chosen. The coffee was Moose Munch by Harry and David. Moose Munch happens to be the biggest seller at Harry and David's. And for a good reason...dark and nutty, with notes of caramel and chocolate.

Plastic has this way of holding smells, don't you think? That can be good and bad. In this case, it was good. Before packing the container in his duffel bag, I had Caleb put his nose in it. He sniffed and immediately agreed the smell was fabulous.

After arriving at camp, Caleb pulls out this container to get to the camera. After taking the camera out, he sniffs the container and tells his tribe they have to smell it too. The first guy steps up, puts his nose in and takes a big sniff followed by a very loud "Ahhhhggg!" This reaction prompts the other guys to get in line and put their noses in the container. If that isn't funny enough, Caleb said every single time he got the container out, one of the guys would ask, "Can I take a sniff?" Then everyone would line up and take their turn!

I don't know what it was about the smell of that container that evoked such a reaction in these guys. Was it the caramel? Was it the chocolate? Was it the reminder of their mother at home making a pot of coffee? I don't know. It was something though. Maybe it was nothing more than having an opportunity to smell something that didn't smell like sweat or dirt or the Waldorf!

After hearing Caleb's story, we all sniffed the container and agreed it didn't smell much like Moose Munch anymore. There was just a faint reminder that it once held coffee of some sort. I think all of the yummy smelly particles had been sniffed away!

Who knew a plastic container would have such a hold on a tipi full of Indians! And I can't help but wonder if any of them will retell the story of the container that smelled a little like home. I hope so!

No nose knows better than Yours Truly!

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