Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday's Maybe

Caweb and his bwankee

Back in December I decided to make myself a fleece blanket. Oh is it ever yummy! I had so much fun making it and it was such a hit around here that Caleb asked for one for Christmas. Rachel actually made her own blanket out of pink camo fleece. It's absolutely adorable!

So Mr. Wonderful wanted to know when I was going to make him his very own blanket. We actually went to the fabric store together where he picked out his own fleece! It's so cute (zoo critters) and brings a smile to my face everytime I see it.

But poor Mr. Wonderful is still waiting for his bwankee because I've been so occupied with everything else life has brought my way. Well, maybe I can work on it tomorrow while the big snow storm is hitting us. Maybe. Just maybe.

As a little FYI, did you know there's almost one yard of fleece just in the fringe? Yep. This is one very warm blanket. And the fringe...the fringe is very snuggly and cozy and soft. I think it's my favorite thing of all!

Here's to cozy bwankees...and cozy friends,


  1. My Michelle,
    I love my bwankee too! It is the warmest throw we have - even over the down-filled throws! It is perfect for watching movies in the basement. Thank you so much again, and tell Mr. Wonderful it will be worth the wait :-)
    Enjoy the snow!

  2. Pssst! Teri, don't tell anyone, but your bwankee is my all-time favorite. I almost went and bought the same fabric and made another one for our family room...the colors are perfect :o) Sooo glad you are enjoying it and that it's helping to keep you all warm and cozy.

    Thank you my friend for all of your warm hugs of encouragement over the past year during our difficulties. You kept my heart warm when it might have been tempted to turn cold.

    Much love,