Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello? Anyone? Hello?

Do you remember the Screaming Woman?

I'm just throwing this in here because I'm a little frustrated at the moment. I will admit, however, that I'm not stressed out and screaming like I was this past July 21st.

Actually, we're all still floating around a little bit at the wonderful news we received on Tuesday night. We are so blessed and thankful.

Anyway, I took the time yesterday to completely overhaul my blog, you know, so it would be nice and pretty for Christmas and our wintry-snowy season. Did you get to see it? Anyone? I thought it was so lovely, all baby blue and sparkly.

I guess I went against my better judgment and chose a blogger background from You Know Who. It appears the entire site is down again.

Maybe by the time this posts, the pretty blue background will magically re-appear. But then again, maybe it won't. So, sometime between now and well, whenever I have a chance to pick a new background and take the time to re-design everything, you might find yet another new festive look. In the meantime, it will be that boring Minima background that looks minimal. Just use your imagination, right?!

I do hope to post what used to be part of my Friday blogging pattern...a favorite recipe! We're having homemade pan pizza tonight.

Until then smooches,


  1. Is that just too funny or what? It DID magically re-appear! Whew...

  2. And then it magically disappeared again :o(

    Oh, well. Here's a background I hope will get me through winter. I like the snowman!

  3. Sweetie, your blog would be wonderful even on a plain background :D
    But - I do love the screaming woman! what a hoot!
    love you!!

  4. Michelle,

    I like your blog background because I think the snowmen look cute. :)

    No, I have never heard of the "Screaming Woman." Sounds kind of crazy to me!


    -Lady Rose

  5. The screaming lady!!! LOL!
    So sad about the baby blue one, but this is nice and wintery. :)