Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mr. Wonderful Turns 50!

Braking News...

We interrupt this story to tell the world that fifty years ago today, the globe came to a screeching halt as it welcomed a beautiful bouncing, blond haired, blue-eyed, baby boy.

His happy parents never considered their unborn child might be a boy, so they only had one name picked out. Diana Lynn. Thankfully, they didn't call him Diana Lynn, but the little boy went home without a name.

Not to worry. After a few days, they finally figured out what to do. Even though he was their second-born son, he was named after his father and made a "Junior."

His petite little mama kindly reflects on the momentous occasion of the birth as she remembers how her little boy, weighing in at just over 9 pounds, came with a set of chompers and left the hospital eating baby food. Her little baby boy grew very quickly as he ate her out of house and home. We're serious, folks. He literally ate his bed. The doctor was horrified.

The little boy grew and grew and grew and so did his number of siblings. There were six boys in all. They never did get to use the name Diana Lynn.

The days and years came and went. He worked hard. He put himself through school. And he worked hard some more.

Then something happened. Something quite unexpected. He met her.

His name was changed to Mr. Wonderful when he married the girl who loved him with all her heart. She knew he was the kindest man she had ever met. He loved her and took care of her and treated her like she was a princess. He was everything she had read about in fairy tales except he was real.


and Wonderful.

I love you, Mr. Wonderful.

Happy Birthday!

P.S. I love you again.


  1. I Love You Too :)
    Mostly I want to wish you "Happy Birthday"
    And then Thank You for finding and making my niece feel like a Princess.
    Mr. And Mrs. Wonderful, I would say.
    Have a Fantastic Year. You are Loved!

  2. Awww! Happy 50th to Jerry - and wishing another 50 more! I love both of you guys! Actually, I love all 4 of you! I feel so blessed to have such "Wonderful" in-loves! XOXO


  3. Happy Birthday Jerry! The Lord has truly blessed you. May your next 50 years be even more wonderful as you enjoy the fruits of your labors and a loving, wonderful family.

    -The Gerricks : )