Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day of School

Yes, we are four days past our regular start date, but that's one of the great things about home schooling. I get to make decisions that are best for me and my family. In this case, it was best for me. And so our 2010 - 2011 school year begins!

Fall has arrived in the sky and you can smell it in the air

Caleb is holding-up the famous maple tree. Yes, that's lichen. This photo also shows the severe lack of rain we've had and the severe hot weather we endured all summer. I don't think any of our first day of school photos have ever had, um, such a lovely color in the background.

Master Caleb, 14

Miss Rachel, 12

The side-by-side pose we've taken every year since the beginning

They haven't changed too much...whaaa!

Mr. Wonderful was standing behind me making faces...or making fun of me. I don't know which. I know. I know. He would never stand behind my back and make fun of me! Mmmm hmmm.

Anyway, I'm so glad to be back on a regular schedule. I don't know why it's so easy to get out of sorts during the summer...I suppose from staying up too late and sleeping in too much. I do enjoy those lazy hazy summer days, but it really does get old after a while.

School is now in session!

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