Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Princess and The Spy

Doesn't this picture just bring a smile to your face?

I thought it might be fun to pull a couple little stories from the archives. As I've mentioned before, I've tried to make it a point to write down things the kids have said and done over the years. I have a folder filled with scraps of paper with scribbled handwriting as I quickly tried to record an incident while it was still fresh in my mind. Then there's the e-mail archive...hundreds and hundreds of them. It became easier to e-mail the story to myself and store it away than to write it down on paper (yes, they are backed-up in three places). Regardless, I tried to capture things that seemed important at the time--things I would never have remembered otherwise. The kids love to read these cute little stories. I hope you do too!

October 6, 2001 -- Rachel is three and a half years old

Rachel is whining and crying after trying to convince Caleb to marry her. In between her sobs she chokes out the words, "I don't want to marry a cowboy and I don't want to marry a spy! I want to marry a prince!" Unfortunately, Caleb wasn't interested in pretending to be a prince in order to marry Rachel. He was, after all, pretending to be a spy. Do you know any married spies? Me neither.

July 6, 2003 -- Caleb is exactly seven years old

While sitting at the table eating dinner, somehow the conversation turns to "What do you want to do when you grow up?" Rachel has us guessing her future profession. It's something that starts with the letter "b". After many guesses we finally get it's a ballerina. Caleb announces in a rather confident voice, "I am not going to work when I grow up!" then leans over and whispers in Rachel's ear, asking her to tell us what he said. Rachel quickly informs us that, "Caleb is going to serve the Lord." Caleb then repeats his calling, "Yes! I am going to serve the Lord!"

Caleb means dog. One who serves His master with his whole heart.

Whether to a princess or ballerina, a spy or a servant, I am certainly one very Happy Mama,

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