Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Party Central...April 28, 2010

We enjoy watching the old reruns of America's Funniest Videos. Have you ever seen the one of the birthday party for a little girl where they are singing Happy Birthday, but every time they sing the words "Happy Birthday to you!" she shakes her head and says, "No, Happy Birthday to Me!" This continues through the entire song and she looks rather miffed that no one seems to know that it's her birthday and not You's. Too funny!

Well, today is my birthday. It has been a wonderful day and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Rachel asked me this morning if I feel older and I told her, "Nope, not one bit!" Caleb is working on a special birthday present. I have a funny feeling he's working on a special song on his guitar. I'm not allowed to listen or knocking on his door and no questions permitted! He knows if there's one thing that will make me happy, any time, any day, any where, it's having him play his guitar for me. Oh, it brings such joy to my heart to watch him move his fingers and strum those strings! I love to listen to him play. If I can figure out how to post a video on my blog, I will do just that.

Mr. Wonderful asked what I would like to do for my birthday. You know, I enjoyed Friday night so much I am hoping for a repeat (although it is a little windy here today) fire on the patio. There's just something about it that brings my heart such peace. I've always loved a good fire. A fire where the flames lick over the wood and makes curls. I could waste a lot of time sitting back there staring!

I'm so happy spring is upon us. It's a good time to celebrate, isn't it? And celebrate is exactly what we have been doing since last Wednesday...Rachel's birthday, our anniversary, my birthday, and next Sunday, Mother's Day! Nothing like having a party for 10 straight days.

I hope this fine first Monday of May has brought to mind a pleasant memory for you along with some good old fashioned medicine called laughter and joy.

And Happy Birthday to Me!


  1. Happy birthday! I was noticing, you guys have so many events clustered together here. :) I loooove spring and am so glad it's here!

  2. Another wonderful day for my wonderful friend and her family! Much love on this special day!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I love the joy and delight that you live your life with. Such a breath of fresh air; such an image of JEsus to those you meet. THank you for the servant's heart and delightful skills you've used to bless our family this year Michelle!!
    Happy happy BIRTHDAY!
    Oh and I love how you call your husband Mr. Wonderful. Adorable. And I have to remember to do that some day. :)