Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Thoughts on Tuesday

Here are some thoughts going through my head:

1. I had planned on making pork tenderloin, roasted sweet potatoes, and a Caesar salad for dinner. After putting the potatoes in the oven, I opened the 1 lb. package of pork tenderloin (which I had pulled from from freezer a couple of hours ago) to discover it didn't smell like something we would want to eat. After calling Mr. Wonderful into the kitchen, we both agreed something went terribly wrong somewhere. So, what's for dinner? No clue. Um, roasted sweet potatoes?

2. I wanted so much to work on a quilt that doesn't intimidate me that Rachel and I went shopping and bought cozy warm fleece fabric from Hobby Lobby over the weekend (on sale, I might add). I chose a wintry looking blue and gray print for the top with matching gray for the bottom. Rachel chose camo pink for the top and matching hot pink for the bottom. We started them this afternoon...she's at the kitchen table, I'm at the island in the kitchen. We have our basting finished. I am hoping to have a new snugly blanket for the family room by week's end.

3. Access to my computer has felt limited lately. I'm used to having my own computer much of the time. Caleb joined a fabulous speech and debate club a couple of months ago which requires quite a bit of research. He's using the school room computer which means Mr. Wonderful needs access to my computer. I am learning how to share...again.

4. Rachel is performing in a piano recital this coming Sunday afternoon. I have been listening to her practice her piece today (although she's been working on this for some time). She plays just beautifully and I am reminded of the incredible gift she has been given by her Lord.

5. We were spoiled with about ten days of perfect weather. Today, the reality of November on the great North Coast settled in. Gray skies. Cold winds. Pouring rain. At least it's not snowing...yet.

6. I need to give Jesse Puppy a bath. She's going through a major molt right now which will make bath time very messy. We cannot brush her enough. Dog hair rolls on the tile floors like tumble weeds. Sweeping the entire downstairs every morning has become the new routine. And the poor girl is suffering so. Her face has been messed up and bleeding since the end of July. I've done everything I know to do. Of course the vet told me he knew what he was doing. Yeah, right. Nothing has worked although I started her on yogurt and acidophilus capsules last week. It might take weeks before we see any improvement. I am so tired of cleaning up blood on the tile and having to wash her blankets every couple of days. I do love her so and know it's not her fault. She's been my loyal companion for over nine years.

7. I was thinking that when my children were babies I never felt like I had time to do anything. I am learning that I accomplished more when they were babies than I am able to now that they are independent and self-sufficient (for the most part). I don't know what it is. Am I just getting old? When I would nurse them in the middle of the night or go in and check on them, I would pray over them. I have come to realize recently that I don't pray for my children like I did when they were little and depended on me for so much. That makes no sense at all especially since they need my prayers more now than ever before. The world wants them in the worst way.


Befor The Throne Of God Above Lyrics

8. Thanksgiving is next week. We have hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our home for the past 13 years. This included the very famous Thanksgiving Dessert Contest. Next week things will be dramatically different. I have very mixed emotions about this change. But I am so thankful for the wonderful memories we have shared together. I am entrusting this very special day to the Lord and hoping new traditions will bring much joy.

9. I have been wondering lately if my blog has, in a very strange way, become Satan's To Do List. Sometimes I feel like some of the very things I have written about have become a target for attack. I'm still working on this one. Quit blogging? I don't know. I sure hope not.

10. The kids are singing with the Christmas choir this year. This undertaking is no small task. Choir practice started back in September. They will be performing next to another 125+ voices along with a full orchestra. So, throughout the day, I hear singing. Beautiful singing. Amazing words that touch my heart. Sometimes two voices harmonizing together. And I smile to myself. Surely God has blessed me beyond measure.

Thanks for letting me ramble on...

Much love,


  1. Michelle,

    I enjoyed reading your "rambling thoughts."

    I hope that you don't quite blogging, for I would surely miss you and your lovely blog posts.

    I'm sorry to hear about the pork roast, ugh! That type of scenario has happened to be before too, but with different meats. It's quite annoying, especially when you have something planned, and then you have to come-up with a plan B, and there really isn't a plan B. :)

    In regards to praying for your children, maybe as part of your homeschooling curriculum, you can add prayer time to your list? Nothing elaborate, maybe just something short, but meaningful.

    I'm sorry to hear about your doggy, poor thing. Hopefully, his misery and your frustration will end soon.

    Okay, I don't want to write a book here. Take care, and I hope that you can visit me at my "castle" when you have some spare time.


    -Lady Rose

  2. Well I don't want you to stop writing your Blog, cause I LOVE IT!
    And I LOVE YOU!
    You have a gift, and many of us are so happy you share your Thoughts with us. As for me, well you lift me up when I'm down and make me Smile because you are YOU!
    I too am thinking about our past Thanksgivings together at your house. So many Good Memories, in your Beautiful Home and sharing a Fantastic meal with all the family. Your carrot casserole is better than dessert :) The roasted bacon brussell sprouts from last year? Mmmm!
    I sincerely hope that You and your family have a Great Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to a Thanksgiving in the woods in a nice big Cabin. We really didn't think that it would affect everyone's holiday. For that I'm sorry.
    I Love You All~~~~~ Happy Thanksgiving~~~~ elbel

  3. My Aunt Elle-Belle,

    You know that you have filled a place in my heart since I was just a little girl. You have been like a mother to me and I love you dearly! We have shared so many wonderful times together and for that I am so very thankful.

    Your decision to spend Thanksgiving with your kids and grandkids in a gorgeous cabin in the big woods is the best decision ever! You must know that your decision has not affected anyone's holiday (except the fun-filled time you all will have together!). Given all that has transpired over the past year, it was time for a change. Although hard, I think it will be for good. :o)

    I'm still cooking all the favorites (except in much smaller quantities), but the roasted bacon brussel sprouts won't be included this year. I am the only one that will eat them! I'll save that dish for another time.

    I love you oooodles. Kisses and hugs!
    Your Shelle-Belle

  4. Lady Rose,

    I am happy to say this dinner scenario hasn't happened too often and for that I am very thankful. I had no back-up plan (who would?!) and so I think everyone grabbed something that sounded good to them (i.e., sandwiches or cereal). It worked out all right!

    I will tell you that we always start our school day together by reading the scriptures and praying. Actually, just this morning we prayed for you, my dear Lady Rose! I do take a few minutes to pray for my children in the morning, but it's usually about their daily tasks or challenges, etc. I think what I meant to say is that when they were younger, I often prayed for their lives in big ways (who God may have for them to marry, how they might use their lives to serve the Lord, etc). I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with the daily things (which often seem so big at the time) that I neglect praying for the long-term...life hopes and dreams for them. I miss that time and somehow need to find a way back there. I am happy for a good night's sleep (oh how I need it!), but realize those early wake-up calls accomplished something for all eternity. And so I will press on!

    I have certainly written a book...again!

    Much love to you, my friend!

  5. Michelle not blogging!? A tragic day that would be for blogdom!