Monday, November 1, 2010

Friends are Everblooming Flowers

Remember all the beautiful hydrangeas from earlier this summer?

I picked the best ones...

to give to my friends!

Hey, who's that handsome guy?

I left the hydrangeas alone until they dried naturally on the plant. They don't usually retain their original colors (blue and pink), but I happen to think the lime green and rose colors are just gorgeous.

Several friends asked for dried blooms earlier in the summer and so after cutting them, we decided to make some unexpected special deliveries as we were out and about one afternoon. It was fun to see surprised faces and to watch how they would choose which blooms would best fit their decor. I can see why a flower delivery person would enjoy their job...much joy follows!

One little side story to this story is that while driving down the road I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Just above my head, over the window, was a little spider. Hmmm. At the next red light I pulled out a tissue and quickly removed him from what was clearly my domain.

I have to pause here to say that I don't enjoy a dangling spider in front of my face nor on me while driving. It has happened once before and, let me just say, it wasn't pretty.

Apparently, a clutch of little spiders (I'll just call them that for imagery), must have had a home in the hydrangeas and the car was warm enough that they awoke from their slumber and started moving about. Within several minutes my tissue became the final resting place of about a dozen spiders. Oh, yes. I shiver even now at the thought!

I warned the new owners to be wary of critters whose homes might be within the beautiful blooms. "You might want to keep them outside for a while!" Unless, of course, they don't mind a little spider here and there.

I am reminded of a delicate water color painting I bought shortly after I moved into my first home a number of years ago. It's a beautiful posy of wild clover, roses, and baby's breath all tied together in a blue satin ribbon. Under the painting and on the matting are these words:

Friends are the everblooming flowers
in the garden of the heart

It made me think of you!

P.S. I still have some dried hydrangeas left. If you'd like some, just let me know.

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