Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday's Maybe

I'm on the run (what else is new, right?), but wanted to get something posted today. Here's a little photo of Mr. Wonderful's fleece blanket. He selected the fabric. We thought it was adorable. What's not to love about chubby-faced zoo animals smiling back at you?

It wasn't until everything was cut out and I was well on my way getting this blanket put together that Rachel discovered a tiny little typo. Do you see it?

I don't suppose the people in China (who manufactured the fabric) know how we spell the word funny. I mean, a "u" and an "n" look exactly alike depending upon which side of the fabric you're on, right?

We thought it was funny, er, funuy.

I hope this finds you smiling today!

Happy Monday to you,


  1. The blanket is precious and the misprint gives it character. Just say it was a homeschool lesson!

  2. You are way ahead of me, Heidi! We think it's an adorable blanket, but I never thought about a lesson on the importance of learning to matter what language you speak! Love it!

  3. Hi Michelle - you might be interested in the book Carl and I are reading - Poorly Made in China. Excellent and it covers things such as this.
    All in all, it is a cute blanket and it does add a bit of character :)
    I am looking forward to the time change this weekend and spring finally coming!!
    Huges, teri

  4. So funuy (can't resist the pun either)!!! I love those fleece blankets... a friend of mine made one for me and it's so warm and wonderful. Unfortunately I don't have it here in MA (instead a brought a quilt my mom made me) but when I go home I look forward to curling up with it. :)